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Prep4Prep program now open
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Our tutoring centres in Carina and Fairfield can help your primary school child:

  • Enjoy and get the most out of school
  • Grow in confidence and resilience
  • Reach their potential at school and beyond

All supported using 30 years of scientifically validated educational and psychological research.

Individualised learning programs and tutoring for Maths and English

  • Pre-Prep to Year 6
  • Qualified and Experienced Tutors
  • Effective Face-to-Face Programs
Seeds of Knowledge
Seeds of Knowledge

How I discovered the missing key to unlocking your child’s potential

Does your child say or believe things like, “I’m just not good at maths”, or “I’m not one of the smart kids”, or “school is boring”?

Over my 14 years of teaching, I have seen student after student coming into my classroom, having fallen behind in a previous year, or years. They have given up and have no confidence.

My name is Lasni. I am a caring mum, a dedicated primary school teacher, and the Director of Seeds of Knowledge. I created this company as I truly believe that every child has the opportunity to be successful and happy at school.

Based on what I saw in my own students, I needed to do something. Their struggle planted the dream in me to create programs to change the belief in children around learning and their brains. This would get at the root of their problems at school, as well as help them with the demands of the curriculum.

I wanted children to become confident learners and willing to take risks. I wanted them to understand that learning is a process that may be tricky, but that persistence pays off. I wanted them to develop a mindset that creates successes at school, and be built upon as they move through life.

So I created workshops and tutoring classes designed to bring out the confidence and potential in your child. If this sounds like something that would benefit your child, contact me today.

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What our parents and students say...


What an absolute joy the Prep4Prep has been! My understanding of prep readiness was quite limited plus my husband and I shared some apprehension that we would be overloading Charlie with this programme on top of Kindy. After sharing these concerns with the program director we learned about how the values of growth mindset, building confidence and curiosity are all built into this course to help assist a child become ‘prep ready’. We decided to enrol Charlie and we couldn’t be more happy. The class has become her favourite part of the week and she comes home so energised. We absolutely love listening to her rattle off everything she has learned and hearing her utilise the language of growth mindset in her daily life. As parents, we felt so supported from the team at Seeds of Knowledge and like Charlie, we feel totally confident about being Prep ready.


“Seeds of Knowledge” was recommended to us from another parent. We were looking for a tutor to help our daughter after reports from school that she was behind. The Seeds of Knowledge philosophy and the approach to teaching has been refreshing and engaging. Our daughter has been given life skills to help her stay focused, identity when she needs help and confidence to give things a go. We are so thankful and pleased with the progress our daughter is now making in the classroom. Thank you Seeds of Knowledge!


Eli just loved the last learning to learn program, he came home so enthusiastic each day. Within the first few weeks of school he told me he had already implemented some of the skills he was taught – so exciting to see him confidently taking on some of these challenges at school in a more positive way!


Thank you Lasni and Seeds of Knowledge for teaching Trinity and Tait the importance of a Growth Mindset and the importance of perseverance. Trinity and Tait enjoyed working in the online environment and it was great seeing them making connections with other young people who had the same struggles. They both definitely grew in confidence with their English and Maths. Trinity definitely knows now how to write a TEEL paragraph and this has set her up for success in high school. Thank you so much for giving them the confidence boost that they needed. It has made such a difference to their lives.

Victoria Point
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Supercharging Struggling Learners

Key signs your child might be struggling with their learning:

  • frustration
  • lack of focus
  • low energy or a lack of effort
  • negative body language

Learning is challenging and hard. It is important for you and your child to recognise that as part of the learning process, accept it and push through it. This free guide will help you navigate these challenges and supercharge your struggling learner.

Don’t wait any longer. Download it today.

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