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Mastering the curriculum is essential. Our qualified tutors have helped hundreds of children master literacy and numeracy. However, your child’s academic problems could be symptomatic of something much more critical.

If you know your child is not reaching their potential, they no doubt also need to learn:

  • how to learn,
  • how to be resilient,
  • to find their confidence, and
  • to enjoy learning and growing.

This is what makes Seeds of Knowledge different. We teach literacy and numeracy while using proven educational and psychological research to help your child grow a powerful learning mindset simultaneously.

It’s why we have such a loyal following and have seen such excellent results!

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Natalie - Fairfield

11 December 2023

Seeds of Knowledge was recommended to us by a good friend. My husband and I noticed from parent-teacher interviews that our 9-year-old son needed support in writing. I was a little apprehensive at first, not knowing what to expect. My initial phone call to Lasni was informative, and she put me at ease immediately. From our son’s assessment with Lasni to the weekly classes with Kerim, we know we made the right decision in enrolling him. The teachers of Seeds of Knowledge are incredible and so encouraging. Our son is thriving in his lesson and really does enjoy it. Thank you, Seeds of Knowledge!


Vanessa - Corinda

11 December 2023

My son absolutely loves attending Seeds of Knowledge. Lasni and her team are amazing. His confidence is improving, and he loves telling me about all the fun activities he does during each session.


Doanh - Salisbury

04 November 2023

Seeds of Knowledge helped my 6-year-old child to gain confidence in reading and writing. Over 2 terms my child was able to improve from not really able to read or write to doing so with greater fluency.


Christine - Tarragindi

26 October 2023

Alex has only been going to SOK for a few weeks but I’ve seen a difference in him already. He is just happy to learn again, and happy to give things a go. His school teacher even pulled me aside to tell me the same thing. Alex lately has been reading me a bedtime story and is proud of his ability which is really lovely to see.


Liz - Brisbane

30 July 2023

Our son had the best morning at the Prep Readiness program. He is so excited about coming back every Friday.
Thank you for helping him feel comfortable! He hasn’t stopped talking about how exciting his morning was!


Lexi - SoK student (10 yo)

24 November 2021

I love tutoring because it helps me get to where I need to be in class. I used to think that learning was hard, but now it is getting easier. Lasni teaches me stuff step-by-step and makes it easier to understand.


Priscilla - Moorooka

24 November 2021

“Seeds of Knowledge” was recommended to us from another parent.
We were looking for a tutor to help our daughter after reports from school that she was behind.
The Seeds of Knowledge philosophy and the approach to teaching has been refreshing and engaging.
Our daughter has been given life skills to help her stay focused, identity when she needs help and confidence to give things a go.
We are so thankful and pleased with the progress our daughter is now making in the classroom. Thank you Seeds of Knowledge!


Emma - Mt Gravatt

24 November 2021

My daughter has benefited a lot from her online classes. Lasni kept her engaged and encouraged her all the time which transferred to her having more confidence in the classroom at school. Sophia loves her time with Lasni!


Casper - Moorooka

24 November 2021

Our son had been struggling for a few years in school, and we were worried he was falling too far behind. Even his teachers were concerned and despite attempting to help as much as we could, we couldn’t make headway. Bobby has improved in both maths and English since starting with Seeds of Knowledge and we see his confidence tackling new problems grow each day. Persistence is the key and that is what we are starting to see in Bobby after a few terms with Seeds of Knowledge tutoring.


Zoe - Tarragindi

11 November 2021

We engaged Lasni at Seeds of Knowledge because our daughter required assistance with her maths. She lacked confidence in her learning and this created a massive road block of “I can’t”. Lasni is caring, engaging, positive and supportive. She creates an environment where getting things wrong is a good thing. That mistakes make you grow. She has helped our daughter immensely, and her attitude not only in Maths, but all aspects of her schooling has improved 100%. She now loves to learn! I cannot recommend Seeds of Knowledge enough. Lasni has changed our lives!


Fleur - Greenslopes

01 November 2021

My daughter attended a weekly online class during Covid-19 Homeschooling times and she absolutely loved it, she really looked forward to it. I could see she got so much out of it – confidence, learning & fun. I would definitely recommend sending your child here for Tutoring. Since Covid-19 I now send my daughter weekly, she loves it!

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